ASTROTECH will hire 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) to implement research and to offer them a highly innovative, multidisciplinary and intersectorial training programm.
Below you can find information about the different ESR projects and the host institutions for these projects

ESRs Positions Open
Hosting Institutions
Project contents

Project Title: Glial interface impact on astrocytes physiology and validation of Glioelectronic devices for stimulation and read-out of astrocytes in vitro

Project Title: Design, fabrication and characterization of Glioelectronic devices for stimulation and read-out of astrocytes in vitro and in vivo
Project Title: Design and fabrication of micro/nano structured platforms as organic polymers to study in neural cells response in vitro
Project Title: Development of electrophysiology devices for the in vitro and in vivo detection of electrical activity of astrocytes.
Project Title: Electrophysiological recordings on astrocytes/glial cells by glioelectronic device and identification of astrocytes functions ex vivo.
Valeria Marchetti
Fellow information
ESR-AMU Project Title: Disruption of K+ clearance and metabolic processes in astrocytes at seizure onset
ESR-AMU Project Title: Integration of astrocytes function in computational model for the Neuron-Glial-Vascular Unit
Project Title: Computational glioscience approach of volume signaling transmission in the in the Neuron-Glial-Vascular Unit in TVB
Project Title: Astrocytic Tissue Engineered Models – Dissecting the role of the extracellular matrix mechanical properties towards the astrocytes’ phenotype

Georgia Athanasopoulou

Fellow information
ESR-UNIBA- OPEN- Project Title:
Monitoring of astroglial water channel proteins structure and functionOpen
ESR-IIT - OPEN - Project Title:
Photoceutic devices for gene-less, spatially and temporally selective excitation of astrocytes
ESR-CSIC- OPEN - Project Title: Modulation of astrocyte-neuron signalling properties by optogenetic and photonic devices in control and a depression mouse model
ESR-AVA- OPEN - Project Title: Advanced nanomaterials for developing glioectronic device
ESR-OPTO Project Title: Neurostimulation with non-invasive light source
ESR-OPTO-OPEN - Project Title: Light induced neurostimulation with measurements of the modulation of neural activity and astrocytes physiology