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15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) are implementing research and will benefit of highly innovative, multidisciplinary and intersectorial training programm

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Project Title: Glial interface impact on astrocytes physiology and validation of Glioelectronic devices for stimulation and read-out of astrocytes in vitro
Project Title: Design and fabrication of micro/nano structured platforms as organic polymers to study in neural cells response in vitro

Project Title: Design, fabrication and characterization of Glioelectronic devices for stimulation and read-out of astrocytes in vitro and in viv
Jose Ignacio Del Rio de Vincente
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Project Title: Development of electrophysiology devices for the in vitro and in vivo detection of electrical activity of astrocytes.
Project Title: Electrophysiological recordings on astrocytes/glial cells by glioelectronic device and identification of astrocytes functions ex vivo.
ESR-AMU Project Title: Disruption of K+ clearance and metabolic processes in astrocytes at seizure onset
ESR-AMU Project Title: Integration of astrocytes function in computational model for the Neuron-Glial-Vascular Unit
Project Title: Computational glioscience approach of volume signaling transmission in the in the Neuron-Glial-Vascular Unit in TVB
Project Title: Astrocytic Tissue Engineered Models – Dissecting the role of the extracellular matrix mechanical properties towards the astrocytes’ phenotype
ESR-UNIBA Project Title:
Monitoring of astroglial water channel proteins structure and function
Guido Mogni
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ESR-IIT Project Title:
Photoceutic devices for gene-less, spatially and temporally selective excitation of astrocytes
ESR-CSIC Project Title: Modulation of astrocyte-neuron signalling properties by optogenetic and photonic devices in control and a depression mouse model
Faezeh Ashoori
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ESR-AVA Project Title: Advanced nanomaterials for developing glioectronic devic
ESR-OPTO Project Title: Neurostimulation with non-invasive light source
ESR-OPTO-OPEN - Project Title: Light induced neurostimulation with measurements of the modulation of neural activity and astrocytes physiolog